This post perhaps deserves its own singular focus or more to the point I forgot about it when writing my previous post so decided to do a short one. Since I made my TV debut this week how could I possibly not feature it.

We have a wonderful customer in Denver, Colorado called National Interior Fashions. Back in the late summer they commissioned a series of TV adverts for their store, incorporating a feature on Farrow & Ball Paint and Wallpaper, for whom I work and for which I was requested to do a short piece. Never having done this before I was, you might say, nervous. However, I have to confess to also rather enjoying it in conjunction with the fear. The results I am also happy with, managing not to look like the absolute dork that I felt when filming was actually taking place. Undoubtedly some good editing helped of course.If you’ve not seen it do look it up using the link below and judge for yourself. Comparisons to BBC drama W1A have been made, and should anyone wish to sign me up for a BBC drama I am open to discussions! One minute the green shag pile bath mat the next the red carpet. My name may not yet be in lights but the experience lit my day!http://kdvr.com/2018/03/08/National-interior-fashions/


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