So I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, since I’ve had a busy one travelling to NYC with work and nothing notable occurred, save for a mild migraine causing me to attend the majority of a training session with a wet face cloth on my head. Then this weekend I went to roof top yoga in West Hollywood.

On using the toilet (restroom, washroom, loo, bathroom whichever you wish to use) I was relaxed at the coed nature, which for those not acquainted is where men and women use the same facilities, since as a rule the individual cubicles are fully blocked off and merely share hand washing facilities. This was a little different however, since there were also urinals present, which thankfully no one was utilizing. That was unusual moment number one in my bathroom experience. As i was washing my hands opposite another lady a man walked in to the cubicles to my left. He greeted a young lady who was clearly there in a cubicle. Half a minute or so later we simply heard her say ‘can you untie me?’. Myself and the lady opposite exchanged a look and quickly left. I can only tell you that by the tone of their entire exchange the lady was not in trouble.

Stepping back into our yoga room I met a group of friendly ladies and we chatted a way for a while before the class started and we moved to our mats. At which point preparing to get into my downward dog, I realised that I had been harboring a substantial amount of the banana cookie I’d munched on earlier, in the folds of my super yogic cowl neck sweater. Goodness knows what those chatting to me had been thinking. Ultimately it was mostly sad that I was unable to save it as a snack later!

My later afternoon brought more joy of unexpected droplets. In this case at my hairdressers whilst I was sat trying to relax, with bleach on my head causing some notable irritation, I noted a less chemical aroma. Looking to my left I noted a small dog had kindly dropped a little brown surprise on the floor of the salon. Worse still he was eating it. It somewhat tainted the experience of having my hair tinted.

Today then was a more practical day of packing. I have decided I will move and save some of the excessive amount of rent that LA commands. Rather than risk backing out on my plan, having decided change is a must, with time available I started to pack, knowing I have a lot of travel to come. Then I broke the day with yoga, again today covered by the teacher fond of group moaning, groaning and ‘horse breathing’ (where you breath out to make a sound like a horse – which not only can I not quite describe the exact sound I mean and hope you can guess, but I also am pretty bad at doing it). Anyway, today non of the attendees were down for the group activity, so funnier still was his refusal to let us get away with it. Yoga and giggles – the perfect mix for sure and undoubtedly a better work out!

Today’s picture is the view from the roof of Dreams hotel in West Hollywood where our Saturday yoga and meditation took place. A wonderful venue with fabulous views of the hills and architecture of LA. They also put on a mean lean brunch for the post yoga yogi’s.

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