Simple things

Back to work this week and it’s been pretty hectic; catching up from being away and planning for what will be a busy couple of months of travel and moving house. Again.

Anyway the point of the post is more about how one approaches the busy mind that comes with this. I can’t deny I’ve always had a tendency to be a worrier and an over thinker and will dedicate excessive time to considering how others might be feeling. In some ways this can be a strength as I tend to empathize well with others, but let’s face it, it also hits a point where it’s pointless since obviously I can’t think on behalf of someone else and it’s fruitless trying to guess others thoughts. When the attempt to understand the world around me goes into overdrive I hit the danger zone. By which I mean to inability to shut off and therefore the inability to sleep, which turns me into a nutter.

Like many a person I have frequently enjoyed the odd cocktail or three to unwind at the end of the day and let’s face it, it does relax you, that’s what alcohol does. However it does not help the actual sleep and does leave me feeling like a cast member off The Walking Dead the next day.

I have had some success with my ‘dirts and leaves’ based remedies. Otherwise known as essential oils and other homeopathic remedies but when the brain really gets going dropping off becomes impossible. At this stage some guided meditation or classical music is needed usually, but what if even that doesn’t work?

Last week I was struck by a genius idea; when I was younger I would fall asleep to Winnie the Pooh. So why not now? So i went to I-tunes and found some Winnie the Pooh audio read by good old Alan Bennett. Transported back to a time of ease and home comforts I quickly drifted off to sleep. Not once in the last week since purchasing the audio have I managed to say awake to the end of the stories.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to be Winnie the Pooh, although I do invite you back to the original texts to realise that Pooh and his friends do also talk some very sensible philosophy, but someone to read a good night time story it seems never loses it’s magical grasp.

As I begin to regress (I’m no longer aging rather I will regress back to 34 and stay there ‘why 34 you say?’ Well because I was past my 20’s where i cared for others opinion too much and lived a few years in my 30’s to embrace this new joy and learn how to utilize it) I find I am embracing the inner hippy more and more. I believe the Egyptians and Mayans had a heightened intelligence we can’t comprehend because they had a connection with the earth and the universe that we can’t believe. I also believe humans have come to think of themselves as knowing best and as a result too often ignore the natural powers of the planet. So I increasingly eat foods based on their healing properties and utilize natural therapies for wellness. Man refers to all this as my ‘dirts and leaves’. Ultimately I’d more happily live around dirt and leaves than materialism so I’m good with that.

Here’s an example of some wonderful insights from LA. I’m in a type of beauty shop at present where one of their services is baby piercings. So far I’ve heard three babies screaming as if they are being murdered for about 10 minutes minimum each, whilst the parents and adults talk amongst each other and say the screams are simply because the child is in an unknown environment. Strange then that the screaming started when you stabbed an earring through their skin don’t you think? Oh people, you tell yourself what you need to.

Picture of the day was taken in Venice last weekend. It states some great things and suits the hippy vibe of today’s post!

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