Oh, Canada

I love the way we get such variances in languages between countries. Take for example the Canadian description of whole milk in the featured photo.

Man is forever amazed at my Brit language choice – highlights including the old hollibobs, jollybobs if it’s a particularly fun time away or bobs if it’s just a weekend. With supporting word/ phrase cast of Crimbo jimbo, snickety snacks, tootsies and snackarama to name but a few.

In America they ‘double fist’ rather ‘double park’ drinks. All of North America appears to utilize a fair sized growler to carry alcoholic drinks and fanny packs as opposed to bum bags. The entertainment of our same same yet different language continues to offer endless opportunities for humour and confusion.

I believe this could be an area on which to dedicate specific research for entertainment potential, however, there are yet more tales of adventures in Yellowknife to be told first.

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