This week I attended my first Modernism week. An annual affair in Palm Springs that celebrates the mid-century Modern design aesthetic.

It really was quite the vibrant affair. Bright and colorful design, blue skies, green palms, golden sun and some of the most colorful of characters as well.

A highlight, was totally unrelated to any of the above and came in the format of having my ‘life saved’ (inverted comma’s due to being a total exaggeration), by a colleague. The moment occurred as we were walking back from lunch. He suddenly called out ‘watch it, step back’ pulling me swiftly away from the curb. My eyes were darting around trying to source the trouble. Seconds later it was answered as a torrent of water swept up from the roadside toward us, luckily only reaching our knees due to the swift shifting of my colleague. The reason it was a highlight was to see my usually calm, sophisticated perfectly suited colleague release their precise thoughts directly at the perpetrator. And they were not pulling their punches! Genuinely had he not seen the car speeding toward the rather large puddle and moved me, my sky blue ruffle dress would have been soaked through to at least the waist.

As we re-grouped and continued on our way a variety of motorists behind noted that they’d seen the whole thing and were baited breath waiting to see if we’d spot the notice. No one in this town of finely dressed people were at all impressed with the driver.

Another fruity tale from this event is simple yet awe inspiring. As I was chowing on down on my root vegetable breakfast hash (surprisingly delicious for that time of the day), a guy in his late 80’s was showing off his smart looking vintage black mustang, regaling the story of how he was arrested last year in Scottsdale, Arizona for drag racing it. In his 80’s. That’s something to aspire to!

I next met a gentleman who is heavily into his mountain biking. He was at a designer party with his wife and it turns out they have 10 year old triplets who enjoy joining their Dad mountain biking. Apparently together they are a quadruplet of thrill seekers. Asking his lovely wife how she felt she said ‘well you just trust he’s there Dad and he’s got their health at top of his list too.. and there always has to be a balance so to his daredevil I ensure the serious stuff takes place’. However, she noted why she believes they’re all thrill seekers ‘it runs in the family you see’. Turns out his grandmother in the early turn of the century used to parachute out of hot air balloons! What a woman and what an inspiration!

So who knows who you might meet when out and about at such things! Inspiration and amazement in every corner of every corner of the globe!!

For my part I just spent four days pretending I’m a film star, save for fact I was seemingly growing my own little mini egg on my eyelid as I had a benign cyst on it. The joyful update of next week may be the story of the doctors cutting it out from the inside of my eyelid. What fun!

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