Gimme a break

So I’m in NYC and whilst on many levels I love this city it also gives me anxiety and I doubt I could survive in this city for too long without flipping my lid.

It’s 7.30am, I’m sitting down to my breakfast. Firstly, dairy free is still not well catered for here in general it seems and this is a genuine problem for me. However, the staff at the Redbury Hotel were lovely and talked through various options that they could accomplish for me, which was fab. And they have dairy free milk (instant morning anger if I can’t get this to go with my tea or coffee in a morning).

So here I am sat, waiting for my food to arrive. Instead they bring my bill over. What on earth people? My food hasn’t even arrived. And yes you may say I don’t need to pay it straight away but it’s the pressure it places, the point it makes, the ‘get out of here as quick as you can’ nature of it. I know it’s my Englishness getting in the way but I can’t get used to this as an acceptable way about doing things.

Myself and a work colleague had our breakfast table cleaned away, wiped and re-set for the next people whilst we were still drinking or drinks the last time I was in NYC. The pace of everything is so unsettling it’s no wonder they say everyone in Manhattan has a shrink. I would say it’s purely my English sensibilities but I know many a West Coaster in LA who sat similar (except for the concern about brining the bill too early in the process, that I believe is an English American difference)


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