Phone Home!!

Anyone who has lived for a period of time overseas, or indeed just a fair distance away from family and friends is most likely to be familiar with the FaceTime phenomenom. It’s glory and the moments of self loathing that temporarily hit as on an early morning you realise how shocking you can actually look.

Prior to moving to the states I’m not sure I’d even used FaceTime. Now I’m a pro, using it at least once a week to speak to my family.

It’s a fantastic invention. Mind blowing in terms of me trying to get my head around how it works. Yet also part of the world of technology and social media that on some levels I despise; it never lets you out of its grip to a moment of pure peace. It holds it own contradiction in that it brings you closer to those far away and yet often keeps you distanced from those physically closer to you, who it would be better you just meet up with face to face.

Those ponderings all said, I can not imagine what it was like before it’s invention. Worse still life before the telephone. Imagine the daughters of the Dunsmuir family in Victoria, BC moving to Ireland for marriage and how they must have missed their family with little chance to see them.

The ‘quality’ to those of us either side of a FaceTime call vary of course from day to day, whether that’s technology quality or conversation quality. With an 8 hr time difference you have to plan when to speak and often it’s my early morning, when I’m not known to be at my best. Sometimes non of us have anything interesting to say, but we talk anyway because it still feels good to spend time together.

Today was a fantastic call though. As good as being in home together as I chatted with Mum and Dad. Dad was on top form that left Mum with a squished face but her and I laughing our heads off, whilst Dad offered a token uplift to a smile too. A great chat that tomorrow will be followed by a call to the Brother and his family as well, which is always interesting as my nephews fly in and out of the call, bringing their own style of crazy.

So I’m very grateful to the people who invented FaceTime and it’s similar technology. You’ve allowed me to stay closer to my family than I might otherwise even be able to imagine, and with that you in effect make the impossible, possible. Since I don’t know if I’d have been able to do this move overseas without knowing I could stay so close to those back home. And to Mum, Dad, Man and anyone else who has the joy of speaking to me from time to time. Please forgive my often half asleep tendency, my troll like hair that sticks straight up, my occasional stroppy outlook and slightly disheveled fashion sense when I’m at home! It’s a common quote ‘just do you’ and I do that quite well I’d say.

PS today’s picture was taken from the Paseo Miramar Trail head in the Santa Monica hills the morning of the Lunar eclipse that took place this week. Seemed relevant to the title of ‘phone home’, ET and all that.

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