No pain no gain

So this weekend had a strange gait to it and by that I refer to my own ministry of funny walks.

On Friday I went to the gym for a work out and my absurd Kiwi trainer friend was true to his words when he said the exercises we were doing would ‘ache a bit’. ‘What were these exercises I hear you say?’. Well I seem to recall they were called Hungarian dead lifts but it could have been unicorn lifelifts for all I know, I just know the after effects they created.

Getting out of bed this morning was the first challenge of the day. The point at which I gave the Kiwi a piece of my mind, such is the trainer trainee relationship we have. He of course didn’t care and was rather amused.

Ironically shopping in Sweaty Betty for workout clothes was in itself a workout. Reaching down to try on various leggings was itself a workout. The pain in my hamstrings in fact put an end to my trying any clothes on as the effort was too much so I suppose it was good for my bank balance – good ying yang balance going on there! Goodness knows what the people outside the fitting room were thinking at the groans of pain each time I reached down to get a foot into a leg of a legging!

The later part of my day was spent zoned out on the sofa catching up on various BBC series that I have to wait to get hold of over here, including the amazing Silent Witness. Alternatively, embracing neighbouring Canada, I enjoyed a few episodes of the infamous Trailer Park Boys for lighter entertainment. All was thoroughly relaxed including take out meal, save for the moment I had to get up and race down to the front gate to collect my food. The delivery guy was probably a little surprised at the ape like lope that I arrived at the gate with combined with hair resembling Doc from ‘Back to the Future’. I make for an attractive sight on my free time!

Today’s picture is from the Museum of illusions. A visit that took place Friday night before the leg pain kicked in. The image itself, however, seemed appropriate to the title of this post AND I really recommend the Museum of Ilusions!


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