In this instance I do not refer to our long standing Monarch that gave name to an era of architecture of which I am very fond. Rather I refer to the place that is Victoria, BC, Canada. Where indeed there is much of the architecture that I admire.

I am just travelling back from a short 1.5 day trip to Victoria with my favourite Canadian. Known as man. As often seems to be the case with Canadian locations that I have brief chance to explore I am keen to return, and as ever several food delights were experienced. Alongside a visit to Craigdarroch Castle.

Craigdarroch was built by the Dunsmuir family, some of the early European arrivals to make their money on the railways and whose descendants are part of the Jameson whisky crowd in Ireland. The house is a resplendent example of Scottish baronial and Victorian architecture and interior design. As a bit of a geek for such things I would advise it as well worth a visit. For the more traditionally nerdy there are it turns out, plenty of comic and toy shops in Victoria.

This weekends adventures were sadly limited by my being struck down by yet another migraine. Which it would appear is a new found fondness of mine as I regress back into my early 30’s.

Jam Cafe (of the same delight Jam Cafe that is also in Vancouver) missed out on our attendance due to familiarly excessively long queues to get in. (Jam i still love you but only on days where I get up early enough to miss the line!). Instead we discovered MoLe on Paloma St. They also had a half hour wait due to popularity BUT had a deal with next door neighbor coffee shop for those waiting to be able to grab coffee next door, in the warmth, and then they come get you when your table is ready. The staff was delightful, the spiked morning coffees were delightful and a scrummy soft scramble was enjoyed. The next door coffee shop Habit also won me over with a dairy free sesame crispie square that took the edge off my cranky morning hanger whilst we waited for our breakfast table, thus saving Man from a lot of whining.

The later part of Saturday was spent with my old friend the cold wet flannel draped over my brow like a true damsel in distress. Still by 9.30pm I felt I could drag my sorry ass out of the room and off for drugs we went. By which I refer to Advil for the head.

Advil absorbed we went in search of food. More for the well-being of Man than myself on this occasion, yet never one to pass up food. We discovered Cafe Mexico which is part of the Market Square area. I am going to talk of the place as I would if I wasn’t a zombified migraine victim. Since as it happens I struggled to eat my food, yet it was no reflection on them. Aside from some challenging beef in the cutting stakes it was good. Friendly staff, great layout of the place and nice decor and a tasty fish taco.

Better still this morning we went to their next door sister restaurant Feugo for breakfast which was outstanding. I had a Carmelita which was a crispy tortilla filled with blueberry coulis and caramelised pineapple and apple! Amazing! Man had a back bacon and jack stack of pancakes – which was unusual and delicious. Again staff were bubbly and bright together with the food providing a perfect start to a rainy day. The uphill trajectory of the day continued with me inadvertently head butting man and our shuttle ride to the airport becoming an impromptu and kindly given tour of the history of Victoria.

On the list for the summer visit to Victoria will be Whale Whatching, seaplanes and Butchart Gardens. Along with more food adventures of course.


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