Too cool for school

Today I was out and about in Los Angeles sampling various delights of culture that were clearly far to cool for me.

One eatery states for our clarity that the water served is filtered by reverse osmosis. Important to know I feel. Most worrying is to imagine the person who sits down reads that and thinks to themselves ‘wow, thank goodness for that, because I was about to ask and if not I was out of here’.

Moving to lunch, the content of the entire lunch menu at our chosen, recommended eatery, was so well disguised within hipster bullshit language that we had to ask for explanation of the whole thing. I was then surprised that despite the description of my menu choice, what I actually ended up with was a plate full of nacho’s, guac and tomato sauce. I admit freely it was a tasty plate but I’m not sure why the menu couldn’t be a little more to the point.

Separately on today’s journey we passed through funky art gallery Hauser & Wirth where I was delighted to be welcomed by an alley way of tighty whitey pants (underwear to my American friends). What a treat and indeed a most unusual way for me to put to use some of my own attire should I ever find myself overstocked. Whilst many would say ‘that’s pants’ (means rubbish/ garbage in UK), it made me smile and I can ask for no more.

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