Jet lag

Jet lag is highly lonely place to be over Christmas in a full household. I’m on night number three of waking up at 2.30am and being unable to get back to sleep (it’s now 5.17am). Thankfully this night I have a catty friend to keep me company. Occasional knocking my phone directly out of my hands into my face and more tenderly stretching a soft paw out to rub my cheek once in a while.

I’m staying at my brothers for Christmas and we have a full house of my Brother, his wife and two boys plus the parents and sister of each side so 10 of us in total. As a result every room has bodies in it. The lonely nature of jet lag in such an environment is that it renders you locked in a dark room generally by oneself for around 5 hrs. I daren’t get up to make a drink for fear of waking others and no TV can be watched as a distraction for similar reasons. I tried just now to do my Peak brain training but at 5.15am on approximate 3 hrs sleep my brain is quite simply not at its peak and the depression of constant brain failure being shot in my face is too much.

As a result I am writing unuseful mumblings to you good folks instead. Surely someone out there feels my pain and I ease my solitude (aside from with tonight’s addition of catty friend extraordinaire) in the knowledge that somewhere else in the world many others must surely be locked in a similar situation. Festering like a mushroom in a dark corner awaiting release into the light.

Today’s feature picture is of a hot chocolate made for me by a lovely lady at Le Pain Quotidien in Flatrion, New York. She was most apologetic, saying she’d got creative and wanted to give me a happy face and sadly she felt it looked a little like a zombie. I think it’s the best drink based design I’ve ever seen and it certainly made my day. And right now I’m kind of dreaming of it. Have you ever had Le Pain hot choc? It’s amazing. They give you the heated milk and then a small jar of molten chocolate to pour on in. Mmm mmm mmm. For now it is merely a figment of my imagination but give me a few more hours and similar can come true.

Sleep well dear friends. Tonight rest assured I’ll be hunting down some melatonin to save you from my woes.


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