Going up in the world

Today’s title is relevant for more reasons than one. Firstly I am at LAX awaiting a transatlantic flight back to good old Blighty to see my wonderful family for Crimbo Jimbo, thereby I will be up up and away in a BA A380. Also however, for the first time ever I qualify to go into the lounge!

Oh yes dear people free food and drink – heaven! I write to you whilst sipping my complimentary gin and tonic and wrestling with a noodle type thing that seems to have wedged itself between my two front teeth. My attractiveness knows no boundaries.

To also take my fashion kudos to a whole new level I made the call to do my entire journey from door to door wearing my fluffy slippers. The same pair that walked me through the streets and casino’s of Vegas not so long ago. So here’s hoping either the weather is considerate at Heathrow or I need not leave the building.

As well as being super excited to be home for Christmas I am also excited that today I booked my first adventures of 2018. A weekend in Victoria, BC, Canada and a week in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. The latter of wish I strongly hope will deliver Moose and Northern Lights sightings but most importantly of all will deliver helicopter rides with what must be the best pilot in the world. Excited does not come close. Sadly you have to wait until end early March to here how that adventure plays out though!

In the interim, watch out Great Britain. I’m coming for you and I’ve only got stranger!

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