Amazing food find

I simply have to write about this. Many people rave about the Anaheim area of So Cal because that’s basically where Disney is. Screw Disney is what I have to say having found the Anaheim Packing House.

Basically an upscale food court situated in an old converted commercial building within the Packing district, this is a food heaven. You’ve got everything from good old British Fish & Chips through to Halo Cloud Thai teas (variety of tea types served in either an enlarged light bulb or bunny mug with a floral garland around the neck and a halo of the softest candy floss (cotton candy over here) around the top) ridiculous yes, amazing? also.

There is sushi, burgers, homemade lollipops of all flavors, ice cream, cakes, pizza, kebabs, a central bar with wines and beers, all of which is delivered within an upbeat light and airy environment and for us at least a backdrop of live music. I could have happily ate my way around the building as each outlet appeared to offer good food at good prices.

So if you’re in the Anaheim area skip the over priced food at Disney at partake of this far heartier delight!

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