It’s the little things

Short update but it warms my heart to know there are good people out there this evening.

Long story short in the last few months I have had numerous examples of ‘businesses’ taking hard sell to a new level and basically trying to extort and intimidate money out of me. Latest of which results in a rug being removed from my house which is only worth about $75 and held for ransom of $450 – not exactly mastermind criminals because if they think I’m stupid enough to pay more than the rug is worth then more fool them. Especially as I’m going to be contacting the IRS and police about them, even more so since it turns out a pair of Bose headphones delivered to me and went missing the same day they came by sooo my view is they took them from the porch area before I saw them. Although I confess there is no proof of that so will not be progressing that accusation.

Anyway, just now having felt down all day from trying to get caught up pre my flight to the UK for Christmas and also trying to resolve these ongoing money ransoms. I then forgot my ID whilst off to purchase a little alcoholic beverage to take home and consume whilst watching a happy film. Get to the counter I have no cash. They won’t accept the card. All I wanted was a bottle of Rose flavored tonic that right now means so much to me (I love Roses in all formats – the way they look, the way they smell, the way they taste in food and drink). At this point in steps one of the worlds nicest men who simply adds my drink onto his purchase and will not take no for an answer.

I may never see you again to repay the favour kind man but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could cry right now at how much that meant to me.

I and all of you reading should learn from the kindness of others and if we each threw out one piece of kindness like that a day what a better world we’d live in. Amen. Even though I’m not religious.

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