I am in the process of returning to LA from a week in Canada. It was a much needed week of rest, interspersed with experiencing some truly high brow elements of the Canadian culture – a highlight of which is the TV show Trailer Park Boys.

In basic summary it was a week of glorious laziness which has been long overdue. Testament to my wonderful host is the fact that he was a joy to do nothing with and also was a surprisingly good chef. School boy error on his part since i’ll be keen to partake of such culinary delights again.

My visit was to West Kelowna next to the Okanagan (pronounced oh-ko-noggon) Lake. At this point in the year where the sun has gone on vacation and the snow is yet to arrive is an odd time for the area – kind of closed season due to being in between seasons. None the less we partook of some ice skating. I was at times stable and smooth although these moments were fleeting and mostly I looked like rigor mortis on skates rocking some unusual robot moves here and there. We also went for some walks along the lake through different neighborhoods and found the exceptionally excellent sign that forms this posts photo.

As usual in my world we partook of some eating out and about (pronounced ‘aboot’), which was fun and I was fascinated at the number of wineries. Staggeringly there is something like 300 in the wider area (if I remember I shall come back and edit to be more specific about this). It’s like every plot of land purchased around the lake was turned into a different winery. None of them seem to be large but every country home appears to have a winery as opposed to a garden and all have set up as commercial operations as opposed to keeping it all to themselves. Due to time of year they were mostly closed, so I look forward to coming back to explore them in the sunshine.

We did visit south to Penticton (pronounced Pen-tic-ton… wait a minute…) where we visited Legend Distillery to taste some Canadian Gin (and cherry vodka) both of which were delightful. Yet most delightful of all was meeting the distillery dog and the views out over the beautiful lake with the imposing snow capped mountains ahead.

I couldn’t help but notice how Canada as with America surprises me with its vastness. What was so wonderful though, is that in this area, unlike the city areas of America where so I often I find myself, the Okanagan is vast in its natural beauty. The mountains and lakes remind me greatly of the Lake District or perhaps more the Highlands, save for the exceptional scale of the landscape in Canada.

Notably we were lazy as a sloths on Valium on this occasion but I look forward to being able to see more of Canada’s awe inspiring countryside in the future.

On a different note I did mention my high brow cultural highlights that included Trailer Park Boys (I can’t describe but recommend a watch). Aside from this we partook of Caesar’s (the drink previously written about, that elevates it’s status in the drink world via the addition of clam juice) with a burger on top (the other half of today’s post picture).

And in entirely different news I came face to face with my first ever real life Delorean car. Who needs to be in LA to feel like you’re in the movies. I also discovered loads of Hollywood stars I didn’t realise were in fact Canadian – including Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams and Seth Rogan!!

So all in all, whilst in fact I spent more time asleep or stretched across a sofa watching TV or stuffing my face, Canada still did not disappoint. Instead it left me with a real desire to come back and explore and indeed to perfect my Bubbles impression. If you don’t know what that is I refer you to Trailer Park Boys to find out for yourself and not to speak to me of it until you know to what I refer.

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