Vegas part 2

Day two of our Vegas adventures brought a welcome day time surprise visitor for mimosas at the pool which was fabulous.

Having enjoyed a nice drink sat by the pool bar we were initially saddened as we couldn’t see four loungers side by side until hawk eyed spotted a separate upstairs pool area. Highly beneficial for the lack of children and noise. Best of all once we were up there it became apparent that the private balcony and pool room, along with huge round sofa bed, was positioned nearby and indeed was at that time unutilised. Private, luxury pool time to ourselves – check! Oh yes we did Vegas poolside in style and at fraction of the cost I.e none! Only down point was that the pool itself was near on glacial in temperature so not once did any of us progress beyond a casually dipped toe.

Several Pina Colada’s and photo shoots later it was time to get ready for Celine. We all headed out for a steak before hand, but a later than ideal arrival at restaurant compared to concert time, left a couple of us feeling like the inflatable pool floats we’d only dreamed of in the day, after we’d been told the lazy river was closed for the season (most dissapointing) having stuffed steak and chips down our throats at a pace of a world class eating competition.

None the less we arrived at Celine where a series of delights were experienced before the show even started. Firstly it turned out our tickets were in a box rather than standard seats (odd as we’d got th cheap seats based on ticket price). The great thing of being in the box, however, was that rather than fixed seats with limited leg room our seats were on wheels and we had loads of room to stretch our legs. Indeed later in show we abandoned the chairs to the back of the box altogether and let rip with some dance moves! Second pre-show delight was initially a bitter pill to swallow. A $21 Pina Colada’s. Painful until my friend asked for a Meyers top, to which the lady says we only have captain morgans and provided a small taster to see if we liked it. Which we did. To which she said ‘well you may as well add it as it won’t cost you extra’ and proceeded to pour about four extra shots into each drink. Jolly!

Celine herself was exceptional. One of the rare singers whose clarity of voice is as strong live as it is on her recordings. She was also unexpectedly hilarious!! Many LOL’s rang out across the audience. All an consummate professional. She had been forced to cancel a show earlier in the same week due to putting her back out, nonetheless she was back on stage the next day before it went again. For the night of our performance she apologized that she’d only be in the one outfit all night since now she was strapped into a long and restrictive back brace. The fact she continued her performances is testament to her as a person, the quality of her voice whilst wearing such a brace is again testament to the strength of her voice. I can not recommend the show enough!

Post Celine it was off for a little G&T. Quite quickly we picked up a straggler. A guy from South Carolina who apparently was there by himself after being jilted just before his wedding. He’s clearly been day drinking, but seemed harmless enough as they say. About an hour later as we entered the Bellagio there is a family who may not agree. Quite unexpectedly as we were walking in he simply leant over a railing and vomited onto a table where a family were eating their dinner. He then proceeded to continue to follow us periodically vomiting into passing receptacles and coughing sending massive streams of snot down his face reminiscent of a baby. He assured us however ‘I’m not drunk it’s just my broken heart’. Now whilst I do feel like quite harsh sharing this story publicly, we are not all bad. We did feel for him and thus ensured our next stop was restrooms followed by plenty of water. Once he was semi with it we ran.

Following from that we went back to our hotel, played a few slots, broke some technology and partook in a late night snackage before heading to bed.

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