Vegas baby!

I do believe I will have to break my stories of Vegas into a series of posts since the memories come back in stages and I am not yet recovered of mind in full! The whole adventure was a very last minute plan, as the best adventure always are and did not disappoint.

We headed out on Friday 24th full of thanksgiving lunch from the day before, breaking the journey for a little in n’ out burger. We then continued through the desert passing an area that appeared to be salt flats but wasn’t, so perhaps a lake yet notably wasn’t. We then realized it must be a mirage; a mirage of liquid that surely must br a trick of the eye in promise of Pina Colada’s yet to come! Finally we arrived in Vegas around 5pm.

In the hotel we conducted a spies check in, since we originally only booked for two and now there were three of us. So with disguises in Place and a complete disregard for each other we all three made it to the room. Taking in strict advice about the sensitivity of the weight trackers in the mini bar we agreed not to even look at it for fear the weight of our eyes must offend it and cause a charge. We unpacked awkwardly avoiding sight of it.

With our sights set on a Celine Dion concert on the Saturday night it was a quick change and off to Caesar’s palace at the opposite end of the strip. For some inexplicable reason related to a miss calculation of time and distance we ended up walking most of the way. In heels.

Positive point is that I impressed even a New Yorker with my ability to cut through a sardine crowd when I have a place to get. Negative point is that a ripped the back of my heels off. Secondary negative point I still can’t wear shoes that touch the raw skin sections that are likely to be in place for the next week or so. Third negative point the box office had closed early and was closed when we finally arrived, in theory 20 mins before it should close. Overarching positive point we got amazing tickets to see Celine but more on why later.

With the tickets secured and remnants of my feet strewn along the strip it was time to find some food and an evening adventure. But first there was a footwear emergency and the securing of one of the most positive and endearing aspects of the weekend. Indeed we headed to H&M and Gap to try and find me some footwear without heels. We came across some basic flip flops, ugly yet cheap, when my friend noted a far more appealing option. A pair of fluffy slippers!! And so it was the fluffies landed and the most fashion forward of all fashionista’s hit the strip! Yes I spent the rest of the night in fluffy white slippers. Drawing more awe and compliments than any pair of designer heels we passed.

We then headed to New New York to fill our faces with hotdogs and listen to some dueling pianos briefly before hot footing it to The Excalibur for a few rounds on the slot machines. Now I’m no betting gal, and I still despite effort don’t find it enjoyable. However, I was weirdly proud that as a pair me and my friend managed to break 5 machines that night – good going. And whilst we lost money and broke technology our other buddy enjoyed a winning streak – so it was also balanced in our zen world.

Later that evening as we made our way back toward the Mandalay Bay we partook in a floor show of dancing, in which Viv and I pirouetted crazily into each other with force much to the delight of passers by. Yet nothing remained more delightful than the fluffy slippery delights on my feet!

At 2am it was reaching one Gin too far for me and thus it was time to call it a night and there ended night 1 in Vegas.

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