Happy Thanksgiving!!

Not a traditional American thanksgiving for me. Partly because I didn’t organize anything until last minute and partly because I wasn’t feeling great this morning. One can’t complain though since I’m spending my lunch time lay on the beach in glorious sunshine, planning.

Sadly last night I came down with a migraine (at least I assume it was that as my left eye vision went weird and then I got a really bad headache and felt sick – Dad it appears I inherited your affliction for these things!). Anyway this morning it was still lingering and I spent the majority of it lay on the sofa with a wet flannel on my forehead covering the painspot, whilst peeking out the other side watching Peaky Blinders!

Finally I got my rear out of bed and made it to Wholefoods having gone into a panic that I have literally nothing in my house and later all will be closed. I anticipated it would be quiet, yet it was busier than a local garage in the UK at the hint of a fuel crisis. Nonetheless less one Rose Kombucha Beer, One chicken noodle soup with sourdough bread later and I’m happy.

I now find myself on the beach soaking up the vitamin D for a little while whilst drinking a yummy almond milk chocolate shake and planning some US road trips. On that theme, for my next update. Thanksgiving road trip. Two words. Vegas baby.

Watch this space.

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