Happy thanksgiving eve to me

Well I get to be thankful that it’s 23rd November it’s been 29 degrees and I’m lay out on the sand relaxing!

I haven’t been so lazy all day mind you. I took a long (well maybe a mile) walk down to Shutters on the Beach for a light lunch before walking back up toward my house.

Along the way I noticed a not very interesting detail. Usually Santa Monica beach is by far busier and thus I avoid it, since it is seen as the ‘nicer’ one. However today Venice was notably busier whilst Santa Monica almost empty. Why is this? Is this important? The answer to those questions is undoubtedly who really knows and no. Nonetheless I had chosen to walk the mile home in the soft sand and my calve muscles were aching and I needed to distract myself hence I came up with this theory. Santa Monica is full of expats and transplants and richer people who fly to exotic places away from work for Thanksgiving. Venice is full of more real people of LA. That’s it. Probably wrong not overly interesting but today’s observation.

Another observation is that there must be bugs in the sand that bite you and it’s annoying.

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