Crack Tour

Here I am heading out to Palm Springs. Nearly on the anniversary of my first vacay to this desert party town.

Traveling along with my colleague she was asking whether this was when I did my first adventures of this area and enquired as to whether this was when I did the crack tour. The what?

A keen moment in the importance of differing perceptions. I thought it was some weird inappropriate joke about ones bum crack and couldn’t work out what she was trying to get at. Hence I looked at her with confusion and simply asked ‘what the chuff are you in about?’. To which she cracks up laughing saying ‘oh no, I don’t mean a tour of the local crack dens!’ Mwah ha ha insane laughter.

So what the flip is she talking about? Somewhat more culturally aware, what she was referring to was my tour of the San Andreas fault line. Which I may add was insanely interesting, far more so than the average butt crack and whilst with potential to be more destructive than a crack house, it was at the time merely serene and beautiful. Please see attached picture of the day!

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