Adventures on the high seas and the high teas

This weekend was a delight of food and adventure. Our now annual (not sure you can say that for what is only second year in a row but hey ho) Friendsgiving was a veritable feast and was followed by a Sunday of tea and cake on the high seas.

The Friendsgiving became some what of a panic fest for me personally, as I assumed (and we know what they say about assumption), that it was an evening do rather than reading the invite properly. As a result two hours before I was meant to arrive at the host house I had not even bought the ingredients for my savoury dish and was yet to collect my dairy free cake that I planned to enjoy later. This is how I managed to make a terrible mess of the simplest offering of pineapple wrapped in bacon.

Stress aside and a glass of prosecco in the belly and we were ready to go. Turkey a plenty, sweet potato topped with marshmallow (an unsurprising favourite of mine), various veggie offerings and a Mac n cheese off to end all Mac n cheese offs. This was a day to throw two sheets to the wind on the dairy thing!

Following good food, in what I’m told is a tradition to thanksgiving, we went around the table to share what we are grateful for. So sweet that across the group you could genuinely see how thankful we each are for such a close group of supportive friends, in a city known for picking people up and spitting them out. For me personally beyond this I am grateful that in such a city these great people remember remember me. Even though i so frequently I travel that they sometimes compare my presence at events to having a unicorn attend, they still remember me. And I can’t lie I’m also thankful for that analogy – I rather like to think of myself as a unicorn! I definitely want a pair of unicorn slippers!

Sunday morning feeling far less than lively myself and Megan were due to hit the high seas. We took morning tea and cake in the lounge with Helen before embarking on our adventures with a random chap i’d met at Catalina wine mixer.

Whilst I considered this jaunt all perfectly reasonable other friends considered heading out to sea with a relatively unknown person a little risky. As such code words for ‘let’s get the fuck out of here’ and ‘rescue needed’ were established. It was one word in fact – Burt. But it must be said in the style of Burt and Ernie else it didn’t count. Also dropped pins and timely text check ins with our self confessed gun wielding republican friend just in case his aid were required.

As it goes all was fine and nothing was more dubious than the dodgy conversational topics. The afternoon was a treat though – spiked a little sweeter with a little more cake too. Sailing takes a little while to get into. The pace is slower and you need to relax an overly active mind into it before you can truly enjoy it. Yet certainly by the end of the day, as we slowly came back into harbor and passed the sleeping seal beauties we were relaxed beyond belief. Well save for the comrade who perhaps enjoyed one to many and spent the end part of the journey feeling truly green around the gills. Yet with the seals shouting behind us as we watched a paddle board of French Bulldogs dressed in shark fin floaties drift by, our splendid weekend came to a close. Thankfully however we have established that boat man is good as his word and we shall have further boating adventures to look forward to in the future! Yippee.

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