Shoes shoes shoes

It’s amazing how something so simple as an amazing pair of shoes can make your day. Repeatedly.

Please refer to the image of today’s post which shoes my new Kate Spade Lefferts flats. Yes they have the face of an owl on them. And yes literally every time I put them on I feel happy. I wish I could wear them everyday.

Perhaps I’m totally immature but I don’t care. If I could mix my day up between these, my Joules mouse pumps, throwing in some Charlotte Olympia cat flats I would be someway toward heaven I’m sure.

To make it even better I just had the most unusually delicious breakfast – soft scrambled egg on top of zucchini (Courgette to us Brit folk) hash brown with horseradish on the side!

My culinary delights will continue for the day as I’m off to purchase fresh pineapple and bacon to make, well pineapple wrapped in bacon for tonight’s friendsgiving dinner. Being the sweet tooth of the group explains this as does the fact i am provider of cake. That however I have outsourced (no baking kit has been purchased state side) to a lovely local lady to do – classic strawberry viccy spudge!

What a delightfully happy day today will be!

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