Hail Caesar

Forgot to say that under duress of seeming weak and awkward otherwise I tasted my second Caesar ever. 

For those not aware Canada created this deranged mixer called Clamato – Tomato juice with the wonderful addition of clam juice – I mean really. Anyway, if you think of a Bloody Mary but add Clamato instead of tomatoe juice that is basically a Caesar.

The first time I ever had one it literally came straight out pretty much all over one of our unsuspecting Canadian customer s who had made the error of giving it to me. So I was not looking forward to this. 

Sadly in the vein of fairness we went to a cool bar called The Lamplighter in Gas Town (the oldest part of town FYI) and I tried a bit of one. It basically tasted the same as a Bloody Mary. I think maybe when I was first given one they upped the Clam juice factor as a bit of a laugh, which whilst it made me feel quite green around the gills, ultimately I admire their style with that! 

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