Getting ones ass into gear

I chose this title as prompt to myself to write something. This evening in a random conversation with a friend of mine, that lead us to realize we should be super hero’s, I bestowed upon myself the task of creating fully our characters and indeed their costumes. I’m thinking like Batman and Robin only somewhat more ridiculous and certainly more in the ‘pow’ ‘splat’ fashion of old than the chiseled and scary format of the modern films.

Clearly I have been in one of my miserable lacking in motivation to write or do anything creative (or indeed energetic and that is weird for me) moods, and it may come as no surprise that ridiculous conversation of that type is what inspires me. 

I have however been doing some eating lately which I feel I should tell you all about. Vancouver is an amazing food city but that is another post to itself. The other day in San Fran I ate at the Tadich Grill, which has been there since the 1800’s or something, the food was Amazing. I had a squash pasta with beef ragu and it was to die for as they say, although I personally would probably pass on th death. Unless it was cake in which case, cake or death? Who’s to say. 

The other night I had what I shall refer to as a culinary treat, although realistically it is probably not far off a can of death if ate excessively. After a long day Apple Pie was in order. Delightful in itself but I needed some custard or cream. Being dairy free makes the toppings tough though, so I went on a hunt through Wholefoods and what a treat I found. Yes squirty coconut cream. Now the fact is it tasted flipping delicious, even my dairy eating friend agreed. Yet sadly the squirt gave up after one sitting and I daren’t even view the sugar content.

Also for this update please note the empty food container. It did contain a horrifically food coloured vegan ice cream cake that was yellow, yet mint choc chip in flavor (when weirdly the brown and green cake was not the mint one – WTF?). Delicious anyway but please note the one item of health and goodness within the whole offering, the blueberry, both me and my friend strategically avoided! So that ladies and gents is update one. Assuming my tragically bad motel chicken tenders deliver the necessary level of energy we are next off to Vancouver!

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