Family Time

I have been super lucky to have my bro and his family over for the last week. Then at the end of that visitation I was super lucky to have two days of my cousin and husband being Westside too!

We had a super family week that involved bottle nosed dolphins blowing out rainbows, Panda’s munching on bamboo and rolling around, digging dens for crabs down on the beach to attempting to get me to find farts funny. The latter is not happening. 

Having children in town was great to get me to explore some new areas in town and see the city from both a new perspective and also from the perspective of being a newbie again; remembering how lucky I am to have this opportunity and be able to sit on the beach in the sun for a majority of the year! 

Sitting up behind the Hollywood sign with my cousins i was able to remember what it was like the first time I sat next to that iconic viewpoint – somewhere I never imagined I would go. Indeed without this opportunity I believe I never would have bothered to visit LA. Perhaps the highlight of our hike was the partaking of some very ‘basic’ yoga poses in front of the sign. Quite the norm for LA other than when conducted by 3 not so  stick thin, toned and tanned country bumpkins from the UK, when the end result is somewhat less sophisticated and more comical.

The week provided a great roundup of eateries too. A new one on my list was th  warehouse in Marina Del Rey which serves a great cocktail along side tasty hearty food, all within a slightly theatrical environment right on the marina edge. 

A viewing of Tim Burton’s, Nightmare Before Christmas, was a wonderful new find up at the El Capitan Theatre, which is a wonderful old theatre where we were welcomed by fantastic concert organ music playing a variety of film and musical inspired scores. 

With so much still to do around Southern California even for me I welcome new visitors to help me on my adventures! Anyone who wishes to hit up universal studios that one is always on my list again! So come on over!

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