Mini whinge

So my Warm Taffy Apple has been taken mildly off its pedestal (okay it hasn’t but it’s restaurant has) because why oh why America do you insist on asking me if I want anything else whilst I have a mouth full of the first thing I ordered. And then when I don’t know you give me my bill. So no, now I don’t want anything else from Your establishment but I may have if you hadn’t just done that. Grrrr.

Same same but different at a restaurant the other night they brought the dessert menu whilst two of us were still eating and actually asked us for our dessert order whilst our main course was in our mouths. Took everyone’s orders and clearly indicated mains were done. As it was a work thing I remained quite but I was far from impressed. This is meant to be the epitomy of ‘service’ in America but I fear they are losing their way!

Anger over. 

The picture is unrelated and instead of the fabulous bar at the Stanley hotel, where the service was tip top by a waiter who was a self confessed dick, who enjoys spoiling people’s belief that they’re in the place where The Shining was filmed, only to tell them they film was actually done in Alaska. I liked him. 

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