Colorado part deux

So in an effort to recovery my lungs and energy after running the steps at Red Rock Amphitheatre (more on that in a moment) I went to breakfast and was inspired to write. What inspired me? Well it was a Apple Taffy Cider.

So I came to a place called Le Peep (they have a few outlets around Denver at least) and having cooled down in my own sweat (mmm nice thought you say), I felt I needed something warm.  Now as we all know America can not do Tea to a decent level and I’m back to really disliking coffee at present when I came across Warm Apple Taffy Cider and holy chopsticks this shit is good! I mean yes it must have caramel in it and thus butter and therefore I should not be drinking it. I did not think of that before hand and now I’ve had one sip I can’t stop – it is the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in ages!! 

Now that I’m writing though I suppose I could tell you about Red Rocks. First of all it is made from red rocks.  The CCC (the Colorado Conservation Corps I’ll have you know) created the actual Amphitheatre within a natural red rock structure that provided a natural form for this. They then sympathetically installed the venue itself back in the 30’s/40’s.  It is truly magnificent and well worth a visit. 

The views are far and wide punctuated by large red rock structures that dominate the landscape. The combination of the deep red rocks, bright blue sky and rich green foliage in the area is quite spectacular and as ever reminds us how the most beautiful things in life are delivered by nature herself. 

For those up for a challenge you should try running the steps that start below the Amphitheatre and finish above it – not sure exact number nearly 400. This is the reason I needed to head for recovery, since for the first time after a run I felt actual discomfort in my chest. I finished quite convinced I was either bleeding internally from parts of my lungs having exploded under the pressure or simply given up, died and withered away. Thankfully I can fully recommend a Taffy apple cider to sort that kind of thing out. With the elevation of the site itself at the top being 6,450 ft there is that to contend with in any event – so even if just walking the steps do consider this as the elevation gain is notable.

It’s an adventure if you like that kind of thing, outstanding scenery in any event and would be a mind blowing place to see a concert. Certainly my favourite part of the greater Denver city area. 

Now my omelette has arrived I must put my focus to stuffing my face instead. Until next time ladies and gents 

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