Catalina Wine Mixer

This is going to be an article that I believe will develop over time since, it was too wonderful and too many fun things happened to recollect all in one go.  Like the time I threw a glass of ice all over the lady we were trying to impress to get an invite onto their yacht.

I can only start by saying I recommend a visit to Catalina to anyone, it is both beautiful and friendly. The most chirpy sheriff’s department I’ve yet to meet, save for the sheriff whose vehicle I did an illegal U-turn with a golf cart in front of, but I guess he had his reason.

In a serendipitous moment on evening number one I met a fellow attendee who was likewise there as a lone wolf due to friends backing out and him also thinking ‘screw it I’ll just go by myself’, I mean it is a mixer after all. My new Canadian friend become my complete weekend wingman and was indeed integral in both of the above incidents – although he would blame all error of u-turns and spilt ice on me of course.  We made friends with the local sheriffs, although the content of conversation was in fact x-rated and not suitable for this blog, we made friends with a guy called Taylor and his fellow fishing friends, I even gave some good old British style banter to Taylors step father via text (I dread to think).  

All in all we had a wonderful weekend, I am sure I’ve missed out many delights I can only assure you all that I’ll be going back for the full weekend next year and I’m getting back stage next time.  Before then Vancouver must await my arrival and subsequent absurdity that follows.

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