Getting creative

In the last 7 days I’ve been to two art exhibition opening parties. Not my usual thang and I believe something I need practice at. It’s not the whole it being an art thing. It’s generally the concept of ‘networking’ in a room full of people I’ve never met before. It sits so awkwardly with me.

I’m fine if someone approaches me, but how to approach them? Given that I am not in anyway offended or bothered at people approaching me, I presume it would be the same the other way around yet still I can’t quite do it in comfort. An exceptional colleague has it down to an art – and it works. Simply walk over with confidence, offer your hand to shake and say ‘hi I’m blah du blah blah from thingamebodadi’ and off you go. But again somehow from me it seems odd – I believe because my lack of conviction would come across and I’d be left therefore looking creepy instead. Hmm what a conundrum. Yet one I must overcome.

In any event the two events sponsored by Farrow & Ball looked wonderful and certainly emphasize how important choice of paint for the walls is ladies and gents. Indeed that which is to be the largest surface area in a room to be newly decorated is not the area on which to scrimp. I myself historically would have done so thinking All paint is the same, yet as with anything you get what you pay for and the combination of our colors and finishes really does ooze quality and makes a room feel extra special. 

The other good thing about such events is they don’t run late. So I am home by 9pm in time for a cuppa and few chapters of a good book. Barbara Erskine, Sleepers Castle is my current read. A break away from my usual style but going incredibly well and I would recommend – queen of the time slip novel she is known and I can see why. 

My longstanding favourite reads remain the River of London series by Ben Aaronovitch (not Aaron A Aaronson which his name always makes me think of and those in the know will know exactly where that’s from). Again in any event I recommend a read. 

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