Muddy paws

I fail to have updated on my latest muddy adventures through the wilds of Chicago, so here goes.

Last weekend in August I ventured back to the shores of Chicago for my third Tough Mudder experience.  The adventure got off to a painful start as our flights were heavily delayed meaning we did not get to our beds until 2am, with alarms set for 5am.

The start was slow and tedious with a variety of amusing anecdotes regarding inconsistency of meaning between U.K. and US phrases – often innocent US phrases have somewhat more rude British meanings. 

Once we started our route we were flying along (well perhaps not quite) but the pace was steady and the mud smelt like crap! I was most impressed that I was able to do all the upper body strength elements – even got myself over the 8ft walk alone. I didn’t make it all the way over the Kong rings but half way was more than I expected! So small things please me but I feel super proud of myself in any event! 

We finished in good time and thankfully on round 3 I was able to fully avoid the electro shock therapy. Yippee.

Post event was a distinctly quiet affair. Whilst initially I intended to go and watch the McGregor v Mayweather fight. The joys of a good hotel took over and I ended up spending the entire evening in bed watching TV. 

The next day however fresh as a daisy we adventure around Chicago and went to see the Bean and had a delicious hot chocolate in the Chicago Athletic Assoc. hotel (amazing old building and worthy of a visit and a stay!). Later that afternoon digital entertainment took over once more as we opted for a film. The Conjuring. And I discovered I’ve become a scaredy cat. Indeed I let out several blood curdling screams unexpectedly into the neighbourhood, no doubt leaving my friends neighbors wondering what was afoot. Oops. Made for a great nights sleep back in my house by myself too! 

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