Rain rain go away.. oh hang on a minute

So I was recently on a short notice short lived trip back to wonderful England. Possibly the most wonderful thing was the weather. 

Whilst I was back I was determined to keep doing some running as this weekend (3 days after my return from Blighty and indeed in fact tomorrow morning), I am running an 11 mile obstacle race. So maintaining fitness was important. On my first day back I went for a run and for about a minute there was a light drizzle. It was refreshing. Two days later in Wales I went for another run.  Somewhat more dramatically about 15 mins into the run it really started to rain and it rained for the whole run. It was heaven. 

Yes it turns out that glorious fresh rain water in your eyes is distinctly more pleasant than a mixture of suncream and sweat congregating in your sockets and seeking to blind you. Indeed as much as ones pitiful trips and ugly cock eyed squinting may amuse those passing by such fast paced (yeah okay fast may be an exaggeration) travels, the personal joy of clear eye welfare is quite extraordinary – turns out you don’t realise you miss such joy until you get it back again.

And thus I commit that for now at least, whilst I am distanced from the joyful British weather most months of the year, I shall not complain of it! 

For anyone I was unable to visit on my short recent visit I am sure you understand and the wonderful thing about all my friends and family is, that whether 1 week, month or year since we’ve seen each other it’s as if we’ve never been apart and is always equally as perfect. Lots of love all xx

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