Goals and Moles

I get a bit paranoid and frustrated at myself from time to time about not maintaining a regularity to my posts onto this blog. Indeed it is not the way to gain favour among my fan base and it is not in line with ‘best practice’. 

In separate news we are frequently informed of the importance of setting goals to drive success both professionally and personally. I think professionally I’m pretty on top of it, although always room to improve. When it comes to personal however, since the organized side of my brain is already overcome with the goal setting of work, the mole approach takes foot instead. And that would be burying my head in the mud, you know, kind of like a mole. 

So I want to set myself a goal to post x number of times per x, but I’m fearful to commit myself to such an obligation really.  Sometimes I beat myself up about it and other times I think fiddlesticks to the wind, I shall enjoy my personal time creating stories and not writing about them but rather absent mindedly hoping that one day I’ll still remember them and write it then instead.

So this was a pointless story really but feel free to share thoughts on the matter. 

The picture this time clearly is irrelevant. But I like it. This is a little piggy from the farm at Llanachaeron house, a National Trust property in Pembrokeshire.  Well worth a visit for pretty architecture, views, history and friendly farm yard animals!

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