Running away

Today with it only having taken one year to finally make it happen I ran my first proper trail run, 7 miles across the Bienveneda Trail in the Pacific Palisades. 

Huge thanks for Juana at Run MDR for leading us along the way.  Being out of the city, with the wind in my hair but at times not quite getting into my lungs, leaving me trailing a fellow runner sounding like darth Vader, I remembered why it is I love being out in country and active.  

The scenery was stunning from the top of the ridge looking from the mountains over to the crisp blue ocean. Aside from the beauty and freedom of it, by 9am I had ran 7 miles of hills and felt the most exquisite kind of tiredness and a justified good appetite. Which was suitably satisfied at Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades – the Turkey Burger Scramble and Mexican Hot Chocolate are highly recommended! 
Whilst my running Saturday and Sunday mornings this weekend made for much earlier evenings, it reminded me that this is often where I’m happier since I am in capable of exercise on a hangover, 1 drink can give me a hangover unexpectedly and I have a hatred of wasted weekends. 

Don’t get me wrong this is unlikely to be the end of weird alcohol induced antics on my behalf and I would not be so foolish as to try and commit myself to that on here. It is however hopefully the start of greater productivity in the getting out and about side of life and perhaps the Grand Canyon half marathon may yet happen.  First stop another tough Mudder in Chicago at the end of August though. 

And sooner that that some delicious taco’s from Komodo on Main St, Venice (Java Pork is the highlight here!) before I head to watch Dunkirk.

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