Wardrobe conundrums

So I find myself in the summer of LA heat again and yet still I have not found my new style level.

Winter over here you can basically wear the same as you would in the UK but just a few less jackets, coats, hats gloves and scarves. The summer is a different beast and then balancing work and personal dress styles is a nightmare.

I’m all about multiple usage so in and ideal world my whole wardrobe could be dual purpose but that simply doesn’t work in the heat. Work time is smart AND had the benefit of air conditioning generally whilst personal time is hiking and beach days which brings with it super heat. 

I appreciate this is a major first world problem but it’s really rather vexing for me. Indeed I am no Anna Wintour or Alexa Chung. I do not lead fashions but always felt I had some form of style but no siree, not hear, not anymore. I believe I may have adopted anti style, or perhaps confused style.  

Even my sports wardrobe can’t cope as I find myself having to invest in smaller articles for running simply to keep cool. Last week I purchased 2 whole pairs of shorts (why the need for ‘whole’ to be added is beyond even me, since of course I buy all clothing articles whole, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise). So I now find myself running in shorts, but the next comment disturbs even me and it relates to tanning.
You see as ghostly white English Rose, not so much pale as translucent I have never need to be concerned about weird tan lines because simply I did not tan. Yet that is now changing. I ran! Great! Or is it?

Because now I look like some strange white and golden zebra which an array of tan lines across my upper body, a band of whitest of white in the areas one keeps to oneself and a slightly ‘off white’ if you will on my stomach, lightly golden pins and decent golden arms. So the next question is – should I start running in shorts and a crop top to try and start balancing some of the lines out?? 

So far thankfully for the good people of Venice (who am I kidding they wear what they like when they like and don’t give two hoots) and more so Santa Monica (much more reserved and straight laced than us Venice folk!) I have kept to shorts and t-shirts but I fear the break will happen, if for purposes of coolness if not tan based vanity!

I also am amused by the fact that in America rather than say ‘oh look they’re very tanned’ they simply say ‘oh look they are very tan’. I kind of like it.  None of it of course compares to the lovely gents of America saying ‘yes ma’am’ – I could listen to that all day, especially with a twang of the southern accent behind it! And on that note I’m off.  The beach beckons and I’ve got this new bikini the stringy kind so as to minimize tan lines…watch out Venice here I come! 

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