Colorful white van man

Don’t think I ever shared the bravery of having driven this beauty to do my own house move back in May so here it is! 

Driving a van in itself is somewhat out of the comfort zone for me, never mind being on the right, wrong side of the road whilst manoeuvering the streets of Venice. Luckily the the lifting of my lonely 3 pieces of large furniture (so basic in more ways than one is my life right now) was completed by a handy group of hired help who did a fine a speedy job, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy my weekend. Not to undervalue my own multiple trips between locations with good old Minnie the Mini, to get the smaller items in situ. 

Luckily I am now fully settled and have a lovely small and easy to manage appartment so the fellows of my building tell me. It simply seems that I myself am rarely there. With this in mind I understand the point of relationships since it would be mighty satisfying to still have the appartment to return to with a nice warm bed, yet with half the rent to pay for a life spent half there! Nudge nudge hot American guys! 

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