A bientot

So this week marked the end of a glorious visitation by two of wonderful UK based cousins. I shed my usual tear or two (my heart is too cold to go beyond such levels of emotion these days) on their departure as is always the case when people join me from the mothership and then depart again.

The week with my cousins saw the almost certain plummet to death delivered in my last post, the breaking of a hot busker with our glorious British smiles, as he implored us not to make him smile whilst playing, a variety a supremely British burnt skin scares (and occasional realities), UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (so delivered in capitals due to my extreme love of the place) where the Walk of Dead was a highlight for me if not for them and of course Harry Potter and especially the light show as a high, 4th July watched from the Santa Monica mountains with a conveniently placed classical violinist serenading the evening for us along with a host of other adventures and blisters to pop (with double meaning in the use of that word of course – gross I know).

So this post is really a thank you to Jess and Eleanor for coming to see me and the A Bientot is in recognition of their return in a few years when all will be of an age to imbibe the odd cocktail. And we’ll be starting in Vegas. 

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