Leap of faith

So the last week saw me take the plunge quite literally off a bridge. I had sworn I would never do a bungee, yet watching those around me get on and do it I felt a distinct urge not to be left out. I felt that it was defeatist not to overcome my fears of it (i.e the possibility of my pelvis snapping at the base of the boing). 

Now I have to say I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t do it again. It was kind of fun and provided a great chiropractic crack for my neck which was well overdue, yet ultimately I find the motion not something my body needs. If I had to re-do an adrenaline activity again I would definitely take sky diving over bungee. 

To make the day even more superb we hiked beautiful trails up through the San Gabriel Valley past the Murray and San Gabriel reservoirs. The biggest delight was to cool our slowly boiling bodies down in the clears waters of the river that accompanied us down the full extent of the hike. With the heat at highs of 43 degrees, the ability to submerge ourselves in the cool water was probably literally life saving in some aspects.

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