Rugby in LA

A real ‘does what it says in the tin’ title for this one. 

Friday night I went to watch the Lions V All Blacks game live at a local bar (don’t really call them pubs here and they wouldn’t fit the bill for that category anyway). The thing i thought it was bad having to get up early in the mornings to watch 6 Nations matches, however, I discovered staying up until after 2am in an establishment that offers alcohol to watch rugby is far worse.

It makes me consider a new definition of Rugby = Tiredness and hangover. 

It was an outstanding match to watch, no matter what various critics mostly Lions supporters have to say about technical performance, on entertainment alone it was there with a good cliff hanger toward the end. Unfortunatley that meant I did not get to bed until around 4am. Especially having found myself chatting to a nice guy with a smile like Aidan Turner, I surprisingly found it hard to leave. 

Finally my eyes could stay awake no more and it was homeward bound before picking up my wonderful cousins later the same day for 10 days of LA adventuring. The saving grace would be that having come in from an 11hr flight and it being equivalent of 3am UK time, they were rather happy for a quiet and importantly early night too. 

So here you have me typing away on the back of a good 9hrs sleep. Yippee! I did however, fail to join the 9 mile trail run I was meant to be on this morning! 

(The quote just amused me and seems appropriate an answer whenever someone may ask why at my age I’ve not settled down!)

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