Sunday perfection

Today LA shared a small slice of its wonder. The morning was a slow start and woke up slowly as the sun finally burst through the June gloom.

I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at local, super weirdo yet hugely tasty burger joint Pono on Rose Ave – if you’re not catching my drift I had a burger with strawberry compote on it – and I have to say it was delicious.

After this I strolled with my friend through the mid afternoon heat along the Venice boardwalk taking in all the crazy it has to offer.

Once the heat mildly eased we hit the beach for a five mile run in the sand. Damn it was hot but once past the thronging crowds of the main area of the beach it was heavenly to catch the light ocean breeze (still always have to correct that as Sea comes out as standard!) and the cool water on our feet.
Once we got to the end of our run just as we were about to head back up the sand we were greeted by a large pod of dolphins jumping through the surf and playing around. It was truly beautiful, a real moment that yet again reminds me not to take for granted what this wonderful city has to offer.

My zen moments continued as I went for a late evening massage, although unfortunately the zen ended when the fire alarm went off part way through, and despite this no hot fireman turned up which could have provided the necessary balance to the scenario. Oh well!

The picture just to mix things up a bit is actually Freshwater East (rather than West if my memory serves me right) in Pembrokeshire, Wales. There’s lovely. 

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