An observation

It occurred to me this evening that when I wake up tomorrow morning on my birthday,  it may be the first time I have ever woken up on my birthday alone in my house. Last year I had a good friend visit me in LA. The three years before that I lived with two of my besties. The 4 years or so before that I lived with a number of other besties. Before that I was with the then man for about 7 years. Before that university and before that I was at home.

Whilst on some levels i feel it calls for an orchestra of mini violins to be called out on the other it’s exciting and different, and on yet another hand (who knew I had so many) I have amazing work colleagues as my picture depicts and they’ve already made me feel a million dollars. I also have fab friends who without request took it upon themselves to book me into a super swanky birthday brunch of Saturday too.  Proving that all the world over I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people.

If you’re reading this then 99% chance you are one of the wonderful people in my life. Be assured I love you all, miss those I don’t see all the time yet hold you all close in my heart.

As my treasured ceramic heart (ornament by the way, not alluding to my emotionless own heart of something akin to stone) says ‘friends (and family) are like stars, you don’t have to see them to know they are there’.

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