Warmth of the sun

You often read in novels, usually romanticized ones, descriptions pertaining to the the healing feel of the warm sun embracing ones face. Well believe me when I say this is no romantic or other novel this is simple fact.

After a busy few months and lots of travel this weekend I am back in my apartment. Last weekend I was surprising my lovely family with an unexpected return visit home, which already feels like it was far too long ago, yet also so near that I have the familiar home sickness that tends to pull hardest in the month following a return. 

I busied myself early this morning getting my life in order, clean the house (soooo easy now I’m in a very small place which is heavenly), laundry, unpacking numerous bags and opening post. With all that in order I decided it was time for a treat and breakfast at Cafe Gratitude  ahead of my beach yoga class. 

As I walked out of the appartment at 8.45am I was first greeted with the uplifting fragrance of Jasmine, before I was amazed at the silence of the place as I began to walk up the street.  Closing my eyes (I checked no ominous obstacles in my way first) I savoured the calm and the gentle sea breeze when I noticed the warm hug of sun softly hitting my face. Whilst admittedly by mid day it won’t be so much comforting as annialating for a fair skinned rose such as I, it was truly uplifting, like a dose of happiness and wellness shot straight into me. 

Wherever you are I urge you to stop and soak up the good that your surroundings can offer and not take them for granted, even in glorious Britain the green of the earth and trees and the chirping of the birds is something to be savoured, and more rare than those of us who grow up around it realize.

And nothing may be more beautiful and fulfilling than the British countryside on a sunny day.

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