Hard of Hearing

So apparently a mere six days back in the U.K. causes me to lose the ability to understand American accents.

In my Uber on the way back from the airport the ladies phone was ‘buffering’ so it wasn’t showing her directions. In an effort to get us moving she merely wanted to know the area of LA we were heading for. Little did she know she may as well have been speaking Greek and after some confused and challenging conversation we finally established indeed I wanted her to head to Venice.

Now that could of course be put down to not having slept in nearly 24 hrs. No such excuse just now though.

Trying to order breakfast in Pasadena (never really liked Le Pain Quotidien in the U.K. where it feels a bit low rent for some reason, yet over here it’s a healthy dream with a superb hot chocolate to kick start the day but I digress) and the gentleman was asking whether I’d like to see the specials menu and I just stared at him. Once we passed this awkward moment he then noted there was something that comes on top of my omelette, after some not blank staring, asking him to repeat and still not getting anywhere I simply said ‘yes lovely’.  Turns out is was some rather innocent tomatoe sauce so that’s lucky.

I’m going to have to get my accent translation brain back on pace pretty fast else this will be a miserable week! 

The picture is unrelated but since the dog licked my ear I figured it had a tenuous link to the title!

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