When it’s just not interesting

So tonight I was telling my friend Dana a story.  We had been talking about how over time you adopt local culture and customs.

One such custom in America is that people chop all their food up into pieces at the start of meal (yep like you would for a kid – sorry American friends but that’s the only way to describe it accurately back to a Brit) and then they eat it all. I noted how I was adopting a very Angeleno approach to time keeping when meeting friends, meaning I’m starting to turn up notably later than I ever would in the past to pre-arranged things. Take tonight for instance – I turned up 45 minutes later than we arranged. Most disturbing.  We then discussed how people say it’s about traffic but really if it’s so well known traffic is bad you should just leave earlier. 

Anyway the thing is, my colleague Denise. She’s never late for anything, ever. After a long protracted silence where the air hung with the anticipation, Dana said ‘yeah and?’. No that’s it, that’s the story. Tough crowd. Good night! 

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