When good people accidentally say odd things

The cover photo of today’s post is the wonderfully fragrant Jasmine that is at the front gate of my appartment. It’s one of the many things I love about my new abode. I must add I am most happy about the little benefits such as this and the small central courtyard complete with pool and fountain, creating a serenely relaxing background of water music since I was extremely sad to leave my last appartment as I loved it so much and my landlord was the best landlord ever.  Back to the story at hand though. The Jasmine is highly fragrant and provides a wonderful hit of pure joy and you come into or exit the building. One of my colleagues was over from the U.K. who has a penchant for a bit of gardening and I wanted her to experience the full delights of this little feature, so I invited her as follows:

‘Hey Nic, shove your face in this bush and take a good sniff’

It took me some seconds afterwards to establish why my friends might well be laughing their heads off. Perhaps not the most well worded of sentences. And with that I shall leave you until the next stage of ridiculousness in my life!

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