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In the past months one of my highlights most certainly has been the Tough Mudder in Arizona. Known as the weekend of adventure and too many donuts – the 3 people, 12 donuts and 20 minute story in my last post. 

The Tough Mudder involved one of the proudest moments of my life… yes the Monkey Bar obstacle known as the Funky Monkey (yes, it’s the small things!). I urge you to google Tough Mudder Arizona 2017 and the obstacle name to get more of a feel for it. However, in simple terms it was around 12 bars to climb across, slanting upward. On achievement of this to bring one closer back to earth there was a series of different sized moving wheels that had to be grasped, swung around on to reach further moving wheels before finally grabbing a straight rail at the end to shimmy across to glory.  Well I did the whole thing. Move over Arnold Swarzenegger (He did actually have to move to a side for me to get past in the gym the other day. And no I still haven’t asked for a photo nor done anything more intrusive than to scare him with a demented smile) I have the upper body strength of, of, well me but it’s good. It’s not like I’ve got the worlds smallest butt to fight with gravity over. 

As well as my sheer strength I also put forth my mental strength to support my friend in going through Electrotherapy, which is the final obstacle on these events. Basically it’s a tall gazebo like frame filled with long wired string some of which are electrified and which guarantees you will get electric shocks going through. My fortitude was shown since I was fully entitled to miss this obstacle. This obstacle is only obligatory for first time Tough Mudders and this was my second. However, for my one friend this was her first time, she didn’t want to go alone and the gents didn’t want to go again (tut tut), so I stepped in. This in itself is just bigging myself up, next is the good bit.

So we went to the obstacle. A lady stopped me on route and said she was doing a piece for TV and wanted some footage of the Electrotherapy obstacle. She asked if I’d be willing to wear a GoPro on my head to go through. ‘But of course’ I said and off we went. Unfortunately it transpired as I picked myself up from a face first position in the mud that I took an electric shock to the ear, and let’s face it my ears aren’t easy to miss, and in turn face planted down into the mud with much surprise. The worst thing is I didn’t get her details – but he assured good people somewhere out there is a wonderful video of me in all my gloriousmess! 

Another good moment of the weekend was when we were leaving  in the car and one of the team was calling over to a volunteer to ask for guidance on where the exit was. He was getting somewhat frustrated that the volunteer was ignoring him. We waited a few moments before politely informing him that if he wants the attendants attention it might help to put the window down – you kind of had to be there but it was a good one! 

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