The weekends of all stupidity and great loss

In amongst the wondrous stories I have failed to share in the last few months I have missed a couple of corkers, and whilst having too much fun may delay me in sharing such delights i certainly wouldn’t hold them back from you forever. I refer to these events as the weekend of all stupidity and the weekend of great loss.

We shall start with the weekend of all stupidity. It started out as a few drinks round at a friends house, when before having left the house I had already been tipped backward over an armchair and had the following wondrously back handed compliment thrown my way I should have known to go home. 

‘Hey Emma, you know what. I hope when I’m old like you I still look good and am cool enough to hang out with young people like us’. Umm, thanks I think. 

It did not however end at the house and as a party of 7 we headed out to the bars of Venice. At the door of the first bar the big burly bouncer was holding the worlds cutest puppy (see cover photo) and of course most of us duly could not progress into the bar as we were captured fully by his cuteness. To create a system of flow the bouncer offered that if we go in and stay inside we can look after the pup for him on behalf of his friend, so of course we did just this. 

After much cooing over our new friend and continued alcohol consumption by some, his owner turned up. To the shock and horror of the group the owner did not present themselves as the caring type who was going to give our little man the kind of loving care he needed, which created notable upset in certain quarters. The next thing I know my friends proudly walk over and confirm they solved the conundrum. The man had ever so kindly sold them the puppy for a mere $400 in cash.  Um, not sure that was the best plan I thought to myself. 

The facts that one of my friends isn’t allowed animals in their appartment and the other already has a cat in hers and travels weekly, which is exactly why she didn’t have a dog already, were not queries that raised their poignant heads until sometime early the next morning. Silver linings, however, delivered a work colleague of my one friends, who is now the proud owner of a super cute puppy totally free of charge. The downside apart from being $400 out of pocket is that 4 members of our group will remain forever scarred at the pain of having to give Tito the puppy up. 

Moving swiftly on the following weekend came the weekend of great loss. Possibly the greatest of all was my dignity which I believe was last seen drowning at the bottom of the pool at the Saguaro in Palm Springs. 

We were headed for Joshua Tree national park. Due to a variety of delays it was midday when we all arrived and super hot. It therefore seemed sensible to delay our hike to the following morning when we could avoid the excessive midday heat.  For today we’d go to a pool and chill out. 

On first arriving at the pool i was not comfortable. It was exactly what you expect a Californian pool party to be from what you see in films. All over tanned, heavily made up, surgery inflicted people out to be noticed. ‘Not my scene at all’ I pointed out to my friends. That said we were there so we got a drink and hopped in the pool. After some time it occurred to me that my friends, a couple, might want a bit of time to themselves and as a good person I wanted to provide this. It turns out that pool parties are my scene. It transpired I was working the room like a seasoned networking extraordinaire, pretty much impossible to keep pace with my incessant socializing. What we couldn’t work out is how I managed to get back to the hotel fully clothed yet not in the items I went there in and those items we had to pick up from the hotel the following day. It seems one outfit was simply not enough for a socialite at my level. 

Note to self in future either do not hang out with couples at all or if one does do not care for their ‘couple time’, it’s every man for himself so to speak and in my case do not leave this wo-man by herself as she’s out of control.

Thus ended the weekends of… although I strongly anticipate being able to bring back future episodes in this series. 

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