Passing conversations 

I’m down in San Clemente this morning. Whilst waiting to meet with a friend I bought a coffee from the wonderful Bear Coast Coffee on the beach front that serves such delights as a Lavender Caramel Latte. 

From here I decided upon a serene, relaxing stroll along the pier. Whilst enjoying this most civilized of pastimes I passed many people and undoubtedly much conversation, yet the following two short snippets happened to be the ones that registered in my ears. Whether this was unfortunate chance or a sign that the people of San Clemente are somewhat sinister remains to be seen.

‘I hope he falls into the ocean Daddy’ says the sweet looking blonde haired blue eyed angel, ‘so do i’ replies Dad, before breaking into a wide smile when he sees my somewhat confused face. Yes truth is I don’t know who they were talking about on the pier and whilst i feign shock and horror in fact I also found this hilarious. I hope he falls in too! what this says about me I’ve no idea. 

A few moments later I pass a group of four ‘youths’. ‘I thought we were both going to die if I didn’t shoot him?’ the one girl whines.  ‘No it was quite clear only one of us would have been in the line of fire’ retorts her stern faced friends. Now I have to assume this group were engrossed in a conversation about a video game. But then I wonder. San Clemente is a very nice town with high standards, and if removal of unsavory types was ‘all for the greater good’, well then, who knows what might have been afoot.

And on that note I leave you. Here’s hoping I don’t cross a line and find the community council taking me for a long walk over the pier ‘all for the greater good’ 

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