Viva Mexico

Sadly I chose the weekend of the worst storms to hit the Southern California area in the last 20 years for the weekend that I would venture down through So Cal and into Mexico with friends. Thereby making our beachfront Airbnb the spot from which to watch the perfect storm rather than admire endless blue skies. The most shocking element of the weekend, as I headed down toward San Clemente in torrential rain and winds, was the fact that the gantry signs repeatedly showed the following ‘wipers on, lights on’. If Californians need to be told to take these actions in severe weather then no wonder there are some many accidents! 

All was not lost though as we did enjoy approximately 1.5hrs on Saturday afternoon of joyous weather and blue skies, which is of course the image I shall feature! To add extra heat to this situation one English friend Jamie shook some of the hot ash from his cigarette and it joyously flew into my eye. Hot hot. 

Our weather inflicted house arrest caused a wondrous effect of memory loss regarding the bad weather though, as we consumed a delight of homemade iced margarita’s.  Te next day as we drove into town for breakfast and passed through areas of notable road flooding I said ‘did it rain last night?’. Yes Emma.  Yes it did. Quite considerably.

It was a great weekend and certainly inspired a re-visit. However, I write this as we’re waiting in the queues to get back across the border, doing the writing now due to extreme tiredness as I’m certain all will be forgotten by tomorrow otherwise. I can confirm I certainly wouldn’t be so quick to be won over by style alone in choosing my bed for the night next time. Having quickly ‘bagsied’ the most luxe LOOKING room, looking being the operative word, I shared a bed with my friend Viv and we spent much of the night trying to haul ourselves out of the pit in the middle of the mattress that kept throwing us together, whilst also freezing and trying to block out the deafening noise of the waves being thrashed in against the rocks below us. The hot tub was at best a tepid warm tub and no other warm water could be found, which made for an aromatic room with a dud bed. 

So tired am I that I’m not even sure any of this post makes sense nor the point of it! The Pancake House in Playas de Rosarito is definitely a safe bet (yet entirely and tragically un-Mexican place) for breakfast though if you find yourself lost and hungover though! 

I have noticed how this blog has become more what I like to refer to as ‘raw’ in its writing style. By which I mean the grammar and spelling and overall construction goes down hill every time I fear. I would like to say I’d pull that back to better standards but that certainly is not going to happen today. 


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