More Portly tales from Portland

What a delight Portland is. So friendly. So funny.

Sat at Portland airport with my colleague Denise for a romantic Valentine’s Day pre-flight back to LA meal, the waitress walks over and starts her chat with ‘so are you guys traveling today?’ Umm, ‘we’re in a airport, yep it’s likely’. She departed swiftly and we had a new exuberant server. And we apologise for any offense caused.

Portland airport offers a world of opportunity though. As we stood waiting to load our goodies and strip off our clothes ready for security and a man unwittingly remained for a prolonged period bent over in front of me. You should be proud that despite an overwhelming urge and a little pretend kicking, I did not actually kick him in the butt. I did however choose to tell him that I was planning to kick him in the ass and therefore it was sensible for him to move. He replied with ‘you should have, I can’t believe you missed such an opportunity.  It would be funny for all’. Darn and blast my English politeness.

I then walked through the scanner and presuming already that my necklace would show as needing inspection I swung around to save the security lady time in asking, but instead nearly punched her in the face – good move Davies.

Finally on our way to the gate I spot said man, whose butt I nearly whipped into next week, sat down getting re-dressed after security. ‘How wise’ I offered ‘to sit down means I can no longer kick you’. He replied ‘I find that a very defeatist attitude. You could easily sneak up behind and kick me off the seat’.

Oh people of Portland how I love you!!! Happy Valentine’s Day you lovely bunch ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–

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