Wouldn’t it be nice….

A fitting title to any Cali based blog taken straight from The Beach Boys, yet also a fitting beginning to this days musings.

It’s been a tough learning curve my new role over in America for me and for the team of wonders that I work with. We’ve definitely gone through tough times, frustrations, challenges, anxiety all bounded up in good humor, immense loyalty and wonderful support for each other.

This week some lovely things have been said and whilst in many ways it’s cringe worthy to share them and in effect big myself up I am very touched that people have chose to say such nice things. 

So in brief, one of my team actually said they see me as a role model and hope that one day they will be able to be like me as a leader (probably they need to be selective which aspects they follow else they may also find themselves mid 30’s Bridget Jones style struggling on whether it’s time to embrace big pants). One of our directors noted that presenting is one of my core strengths, whilst another colleague told one of my team I am one of the companies best presenters. Both comments strike me as odd since from my side of the presenting table the experience is anything but slick and the feelings more closely resemble a jelly on a wobble plate with serious anxiety threatening imminent exposure as a jibbering wreck. I also have now grown quite a number of marriage offers from those who say they can’t bear the thought of me not being here. Interestingly all offers from ladies so far, so we shall see. 

What many of the wonderfully kind comments I’ve heard in recent weeks show of course, is how different our own self perception can be to others. It also reminded me therefore how important it is to tell people how well they’ve done and how much you value them as often they simply don’t otherwise know. 

So channeling once more my Venice beach hippy vibes I encourage anyone reading this blog to take time to say something nice to another and then to repeat, repeatedly. And as my Mum has certainly told me in the past – if you’ve got nothing nice (let’s add in ‘genuinely constructive intended with a kind heart’as an alternative) to say, then say nothing at all. 

And now for something totally different.  I’m currently sat in Bette’s Ocean View Diner (you can’t actually see the Ocean though), which is by far the best breakfast spot in Berkeley and I’m about to demolish a fine Mexican scramble, having inhaled one of their fine Apple pancakes for my breakfast the other day too.  If in Berkeley – go to this place. It’s delicious and it’s just what you want a true American diner to be. Friendly staff, good service, good food! 

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